Call for  Ongoing Series A investment


We are excited to share with you the news that sKarn Robotics / WecripT Ecosystem  – is raising series A  funding. We believe that the right to privacy is a fundamental right, and companies must take all the measures to safeguard their company and customer personal data. Thus, sKarn RoboticS introduced the Wecript Ecosystem product line to address privacy issues online. In this Internet era, it’s impossible to stay away from the web world hence a safe and secure internet ecosystem has now become a necessity for internet users across the world. 

sKarn RoboticS believes people have a right to information, freedom and privacy and is set to transform a massive and growing $500+ billion global market. Supported by ex-Google employees, sKarn RoboticS is taking on the giants such as Google and Microsoft. Data privacy is a big issue for most users. Our aim is to protect users’ data with no search trail and data confidentiality.

If you are interested in participating in sKarn Robotics’ investment round, reach out to us. Commitments may be over-subscribed within a short period of time.

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Technology is a seed that has been growing day by day. sKarn RoboticS believes in creating a safe and secure future with technology. Our mission is to provide protection and security to our users through our privacy-focused products and services, aiming to increase its outreach on a national and international level.

sKarn RoboticS, an Indian-based tech start-up company, govt. accredited and recognized by DPIIT as STARTUP INDIA. It is being supported by the government as an MSME. Our vision is to earn the trust of our users and stakeholders by delivering the best-secured technologies to the world at large. At sKarn, we will be making sure that our stakeholders are satisfied with what we have been offering to our customers. We have been making sure that we offer more diversified and technological advancements through our products and services. we at skarn guarantee for the best rate on investment for our ongoing investment.

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